United Thread - 2023/24

I cant figure out tent peg.

Is he a great actor playing the rags at the same time as earning big money. Or does he really think he is as good as Pep, klopp, etc
Listening to his deluded analysis after each Rags game, I’m beginning to get a suspicion that he’s been planted there by City
He made contact with Lukic’s foot, which happened to be at an angle, twisting his ankle slightly.

The rule of thumb used is that anything below the ankle isn’t deemed a sending off. I assume that’s why it was given as a yellow card.

Along with corruption, being at the swamp, and the colour of the shirt involved, naturally.

Agree. So you can run at 100mph and as long as it's below ankle it's only a yellow!? Think the referees don't the rule excesses force!

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