Valentin Barco

I've just got back from a week in Buenos Aires n over lunch the guys there told me he is "a very special player", not just the Boca fans but the River Plate guys said "he's very different from the average player". "He plays like a bull in every game". Hope we pull this transfer off.
The final is on the BBC tomorrow so a good chance to get a look at him
Unfortunately Cavani and Romero also play for Boca so look forward to 15,976 mentions of ‘Manchester’ united
No the poster is a tourist KFA.

Hope he arrives in Jan. Will be a big player for us for rest of season unlike fukin Gomez!
Still heavily linked with Brighton as well, wonder how close we are to having this wrapped.
Was in Lisbon last week. Managed to see a lad with a River Plate shirt on at the Benfica stadium tour so we got talking about River and Boca. I asked him about Barco. He said he's a very special player, along with a lad called Claudio Echeverri (could be worth looking at). He said those 2 are his favourite young players in Argentina right now.

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