Var debate 2019/20


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5 Oct 2007
Walton on BT.

Firstly says arm is in an unnatural position, that's fine, but the ball doesnt his arm then, it hits his chest

Then he says although it hit his chest first, he then moves his arm towards the ball, so obviously it's a penalty.

Another view on that is, when the ball bounces off his chest, he's moved or moving his arm from a previously

unnatural position to that of close to his chest so it's in a normal or close to normal "silhouette" position when

the ball actually hits it. Roll on next year


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22 Jan 2010
Anybody else that it should be us lifting that trophy after that game. Poor game , 2 poor teams, I think even if we played poorly we would still have won that game. I feel we have throw the CL away this year or should I say VAR did.

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