VAR Discussion Thread - 2023/24

VAR will be with us from now on, they have already tried to hoodwink us with the super league and blue cards, they are not going to leave well alone and that brand is going to change year on year until it's unrecognisable.
This offseason, there needs to be a grassroots campaign to remove VAR completely from the sport. We've seen enough, there's no more "oh it's only the first year they'll get it right next year". There's no more "oh lets tweak it a million times". We've seen bollocks over bollocks year after year, it's not about getting decisions correct, it's about letting the sport breathe and flow naturally. Let the refs do their jobs. VAR has proven itself to be immensely counter productive and disturbing to the flow and ethics of officiating. Without that natural flow, it is literally not football. That's right, I said it, what we're watching is not actually football. You can call it football but this is not the sport that we grew up watching.

It is absolutely mad that we're just allowing this system to continue to be used in the sport. It has to be binned otherwise the sport is doomed. I urge fans to come to an understanding that this is the last season we can put up with this nonsense. In the offseason fans need to demand that VAR is ended. Whether you realize it or not, fans have the power to get VAR out of football, but they have to take a stand. They have to boycott the sport and line up outside the stadium so the powers that be understand why the stadiums are empty. Hold up signs and refuse to pay for tickets or attend the ground until VAR is eliminated. And with all the clubs in the Premier League. VAR is driving the country mad and the sport is in a state of disorder and disarray. This is no longer funny, it never was but now we al know that VAR is a very serious problem. There needs to be a real awakening that we have lost the sport completely. After what happened in that City Chelsea match, if that isn't the last straw, what will be? I cannot watch this farce any more and it's a shame to the wonderful players from our glob who are forced to play under such conditions have their glory taken away by evil VAR. It's wrong and immoral.

End it. Sack it. Out. This offseason we need to start being serious about standing up for the sport and bringing football back. I dream of watching the Premier League before VAR like that year that Leicester won the league. That feel is gone because every match is marred by VAR. And everyone needs to understand that this is not supposed the way football was ever supposed to be. It was turned into this by maniacs who tried to fix a sport that was not broken. And now it is broken. We as fans need to get serious about ending VAR. This is going to drive people mad the longer it is in the sport. Bring football back to its glory. VAR cannot be allowed to continue.
Stopped reading after first sentence. Bang on. Get rid

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