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1 Jan 2020
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Manchester City
Sterling shouldn’t be anywhere near this team until he sorts himself out mentally, get Gabby back in there to press from the front.
Get Garcia in with Laporte and Move Ferni into DM. Would like to see Foden given a full start, his energy and desire is like Bernardo’s. unfortunately, I think Pep will see this as a chance to ‘experiment’ again and we will stutter to a scrappy win. We will concede, it’s an inevitable certainty at the moment and the bookmakers slash their odds now, knowing we can’t defend.
2-1 City, depending on if we can get through their parked bus and put the ball into the net.


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22 Dec 2005
Stockport (of course)
I'd bring in Bernardo for Rodri, put Gundo back in the 6 and pray that Laporte and Mendy are fit enough to take their places alongside Walker and Fern. Sterling needs to come off the bench (if he's even fit) and Jesus needs to take his place. However i wouldn't be surprised if Pep mind fucks himself again and starts the same team, minus Zinny.
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