What Is lacking?

Mentality and offensive quality.

The mentality of players like Bernardo, Stones, Sterling, Mahrez even Gundogan is just not that strong. They are not weak, but you just don't feel they thrive under pressure and that they will be the best player on the pitch on the BIG games. Players like KDB, Dias, Foden, even Ederson, Zinchenko or Walker tend to play really well on big matches.

The main thing is quality, specially for an offensive team like ours. We have a lot of depth and great squad players, but other than KDB which player is without a doubt a top 15 player in the world? Foden and Dias can get there if they keep this season's level. We have a bunch of top 15-50 players, but against elite competition we should have 1 or 2 more offensive top 5-20 players ( Haaland, Kane, Coman, Gnabry, Kante, Salah, Sancho, Verrati, Kimmich).

If we want to win PL(which is great) what we have is enough.Good quality and a ton of depth. But against the elite in cups competition, you need stars.
Their mentality had been fine up to this point, though.
How many more games did we play compared to Chelsea, though? Can't have been that many, surely.
No idea, the way we play though means when we get to the business end of the season we look knackered.
Other teams do too, but a fresher City could make all the difference in the champions league and give us that thing we are currently missing to get of that final hurdle.
Tonight it was a manager lacking confidence in his usual 11 for the CL despite us beating Dortmund and PSG with a similar lineup.

Last night might have worked in a league game. Less pressure. High press, midfield overload, no ability for Kante to cover all of the players and no way for Chelsea to turn and pass in behind.

But with nerves and the stage it was attempted it was bound to fail. And we have just seen Chelsea struggle over the line in the league so really should have stuck not twisted when we were favourites.

Manager overthinking things again. Simple as that. We also don't have anywhere near enough movement in behind or desire to play balls into space.
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Let's be realistic. Pep's been done by Ole.quite a few times..
Tuchel is way better.
I’m pretty angry with Guardiola right now but that’s pathetic. He badly lacks the big game mentality but he’s second to none over a long season.
Its is slow progress but we are improving each year we play in the Champions League. Nothing stopping us going one step further in the next season. The only thing lacking is that extra cutting edge
Players? Mentality? Leadership? Quality In Key Areas? All Of The Above?

Basically, can this be sorted with new players or does this go deeper and is it more of a mentality issue? If so, how do we move forward and sort this?
FFS Play your best team !! it ain’t rocket science Guardiola! We don’t need to spend money to be kings of Europe.
A team can always get better, no matter how good they are. The most obvious way, is getting a striker, of course, Haaland if possible, if not..Kane will do just fine.

Then, i think that a defensive midfielder is also necessary, Rodri is not good enough and Fernandinho is old. Rodri would be great ten years ago but the game has moved on and a more physical and faster player is needed there, i think.

Those are the two main ones. A winger and a left back would be nice too but you cant have it all in a summer
Agreed. Leicester got the guy I wanted from Lille, Soumare. He will be class..

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