Who's got the most loyalty points

That’s good going for a relatively short period of time. I have less than 10k and been collecting since 1997!
I went platinum as soon as it came up as I knew I’d fall behind , I don’t necessarily agree with it but needs must.

I also went to as many aways as I could and joined all the cup schemes so it’s added up nicely , they also gave me 1000 randomly at the start which was nice
I've got 21005. I would've had a few more, but I had an accident 4 years ago which stopped me going to games for a while. Still got my season ticket though.
There seems to be a flaw in the system that means if you buy tickets for linked friends and family on your account you will often get loyalty points credited for games you already get points for (where you have already got a ticket or season card credit for the game) anyone who has ever done this will see it in your history. this must be the reason that the highest points rungs seem to go up by more than the maximum ordinarily available per season on platinum/all cup schemes etc. I queried this with the club once and was told that the system does not allow them to differentiate so some will have benefitted for years.

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