Why does Stuart Pearce hate City so much?

World class left back in his prime. As a coach, the exact opposite of world class. We had 46,000 fans turning up week-in, week-out, to see no home goals for nearly six months. I'd love to hear some other pundit ask him directly about his issue with us - not gonna happen though - they're all mates with him.
Early on, i was under the impression he was pro City.
So when he started punditry/commentating, i thought great another blue to defend us.

He is always introduced as "ex City". So you would imagine he's there representing City as such.
Except he hasn't been pro City about anything. I have yet to hear a single good thing said about us.
All i see is pure bitterness. Constant criticism from minute one.
I wouldn't mind if he came across as fair and unbiased. But no, from what i've seen, he is a total shit!
I don't expect favouritism towards our club from ex-players - I just expect fair and objective analysis - we don't get that from Pearce. The old United, Liverpool and Arsenal bores don't try to hide their bias. But to me, when as a pundit you take the Sky, BT, ITV, BBC and Amazon shilling, you sign away your right to be on the side of your old club on live TV - and yes I know we're all biased. If you want to comment on your club from a biased perspective, then they all have a TV channel.
I saw him on the way to the England game in Essen. He looked even more miserable in person. Cheer up Stuart it’s not all that bad!!
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We had some of the worst managerial appointments in the history of the game, especially in the 80s and 90s.

Alan Ball, Frank Clarke, Phil Neale, Mel Machin, John Benson etc, but I would put Stuart Pearce right at the top of the list.

He had me hate going to my clubs games, he made me question why I liked football, the man was a wonderful player, but as a manager/coach he is a joke, the man has many issues and ANYONE who puts a kid's toy on the touchline and tells the world publicly about it should not be in the game.
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That was one of the most toxic away ends i've ever been in

This is spot on , did like the bit when Barton chucked his shirt into the crowd and someone threw back bit to him , City fans then started fighting each other granted that was the 2nd or 3rd time that had happened in the second half

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