Wolves (A) Post-Match Thread


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15 Oct 2013
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Sadly, Mendy and Stones have proven time after time that they are simply not goo enough. The injuries have knackered Mendy and Stones never really got any better.

I would hate to go into this season with any unnecessary baggage, or at least without any backup in these positions.


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29 Mar 2017
First game ticked off. Not surprised the lads couldn’t keep up the pressing. First competitive game after all.

Glad Fernandinho played in midfield. Solid debut from Ake. Things to be worked on but glad they got the win.

Upwards and onwards.


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15 Nov 2016
The shakiness of our defence is directly proportional to the quality of the press.

We were supreme in the first half. The positioning of Rodri and Fernandinho stopped their chipped balls into their wide forwards, where they build up from.

That slowed their passing and our press was superb.

We physically dropped for the first 15 mins of the second half and we gave up a chance.

Then KDB got megged and they score from a decent cross.

We then dominated the game through game management.

Ake looked really good.
Best I’ve seen Stones play in about 18 months.
The number 25 seems really good in midfield.
Jesus got battered and got nothing, but deserved his goal at the end.
Mendy I thought played pretty well. Very good positionally and some signs of progression in his passing. Sure, Traore got past him a few times, but didn’t do anything with it as he is Traore.

All in all, a really impressive first game and not one I was expecting, but really happy we have our mojo and more importantly, our press back.

A good report mate.
You are correct, it was the press that stopped for that ten minute period, then any high line defence looks creaky.

Pep then made kdb and Foden play narrower which wrestled control back.

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