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  1. balotellishaircut


    20 Mar 2014
    Who or are we playing guess the person
  2. Esteban de la Sexface

    Esteban de la Sexface

    2 May 2008
    So Liverpool won the champions league and came second in the league with 3 recognised centre halves last year?

    You've just shit on your own argument
  3. BAB.DAB


    3 Jun 2009
    Is he?
    Why's that?
  4. Corky


    9 Dec 2005
    Marking a man out of the game italian style so he can do nothing rather than having to slide on your arse was the classic italian way. Bergomi said.

    I think the problem tonight was giving the defence more protection was badly needed rather than the extra defender.
  5. Beanhead


    4 Nov 2010

    No.. Garcia is a youth team player Gomez is not. What do you not get about that?
  6. PrezIke


    5 Sep 2013
    En Why? See.
    We lack the proper defence this season to remain consistently a top club, and I'm certain Pep knows this...again.

    The Centurions season was marked by a top level defence across the back line.

    Stones, Nico and Laporte were all top class, as was Walker. Mendy started the season really well, but then fortunately Delph was turned into a really good LB/WB.

    That's been a huge difference. Even as others have improved, and sure, Silva has dropped off a bit this season, and KDB was inconsistent. Last season KDB wasn't even present, but Bernardo stepped up in his place, and Gundo had his moments.

    This season has been more up and down in the central midfield with consistency, fair enough, but one has almost always been top class and when Pep has rotated someone has stepped up and performed, whether it be Foden or KDB back from the grave, or even Silva at times and Gundo. The front line, lacking Sane, has also seen some strong relationships develop (Mahrez-KDB) and individual growth (Sterling and a bit Jesus lately).

    In defence where can that be said? Laporte has been gone, and not a single senior player has stepped up.

    That's the problem, and will 100% be addressed this summer, as was the case after Pep's first season. The next of which we got 100 points.

    IN PEP WE TRUST MFers ;)
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  7. Busser


    27 Dec 2019
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    Manchester City
    The only real difference between Garcia and Gomez, is that liverpool was put in a situation to have played him. Matip and lovren are notoriously injury prone. Alot of people have forgotten how important matip was for liverpool this season before he got injured. His stats was putting VVD stats to sleep
  8. The Preacher

    The Preacher

    24 Nov 2009
    Natural decline was an unfortunate and inaccurate choice of words. What I should have said is that key members of the squad which has brought us so much success under Pep are reaching the stage when they will soon be gone. Vinny has already gone and not been replaced, Silva is in his last season, Otamendi will in all likelihood be gone in the summer, as will Sane; Stones (was he ever a key player?) is doing himself no favours; Aguero and Fernandinho are approaching the ends of their illustrious City careers. This fan is certainly not writing City off as a major force. We still have an exciting squad of young players but a number of positions are in urgent need of strengthening. And, yes, the return of Laporte will certainly strengthen the backline and improve the team generally but this season’s problems go a little deeper than his loss.
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  9. Esteban de la Sexface

    Esteban de la Sexface

    2 May 2008

    5 at the back is a big invite for them to push on. Bring Garcia on, push dinho up, not let them overload midfield.
  10. HarrytheBlue


    12 May 2011
    Baresi and Maldini have made that comment, but neither TAA or Robertson fall into the Baresi/Maldini class and have to make tackles. Walker's tackling success rate is about 10 per cent higher than TAA and Robertson. TAA and Robertson regularly get dribbled past - and not to push the wide player where they want him. What TAA does when he comes away with the ball is hit the accurate diagonal and a decent free kick. Robertson hits a 'reliable' diagonal. But yes, if I ever bump into Franco, I'll say that Esteban suggested I raise something with you.
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