Yves Bissouma

David Silva

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24 Jun 2010
I haven't heard Aouar links in over a year I feel.

I admittedly don't watch that much of Bright, but many people on here are rating Bissouma quite a bit.

If he is as good as people say, then 45-50m is potentially enough to pry him from Brighton then.

I can also see how City can push this as well, because some might think it'd be hard to convince him to be a backup to Rodri when he is so young.

But we often play 442, or 343, and usually have a double pivot, and it's usually Gundogan next to Rodri/Dinho.

I see no reason why a 2 of Bissouma and Rodri wouldn't work on occassions, especially with Gundogan getting older.

In certain games this year Pep has picked Ferna ahead of him, I can't work out if it's a mentality thing or something tactical. Either way there are certain opponents that require a more physical approach in midfield so it's no surprise we want that option if Dinho goes.

Rodri has played a lot of minutes this year too so there is probably scope to rotate him a bit more given the chance.


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10 Dec 2016
Not a bad target but Brighton will probably ask twice as much.

Gus Cruz

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1 Oct 2020
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Manchester City
The game I saw TODAY, he wasn’t good with the ball. Good at defending but that’s it

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