Zlatan Ibrahimovic

Semper aggressus

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19 Sep 2019
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If Ibrahimovic was racist then he needs a very lengthy ban and hefty fine at least.

If it was just two lads giving each other shit throughout the game then they need to stop being a pair of soft cunts and move on now, the game’s finished.


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6 Jan 2008
Judging how you have concluded he is a racist rather than a shit stirrer based on actual evidence, I am not surprised you would take it as a yes. I'd counter that your deductive reasoning skills are quite poor
Voodoo is shit stirring. Heard it all now.


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15 Jan 2007
Always liked him as a player, and took the persona as a PR stunt and even got a few laughs out of it.

But if he doesn't get a ban for that, and a fine and whatever awareness training comes with a racial slur said on or off the pitch, then something is quite wrong in italy and/or football.

And i don't think he IS racist or even meant it to be racist. There may well be context there in which it possibly isn't.
But it is still an implied slur inherently loaded with racial prejudice that you just can't and shouldn't say. And it deserves a ban.
It's clear on the video I saw that Zlatan shouted at Lukaku: "Do your voodo shit." Hard to see that as anything but racist in the context. They will throw the book at him.

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