£60 for Villa at home

Discussion in 'Bluemoon forum' started by xgorton, 20 Mar 2014.

  1. Ducado


    3 Aug 2007
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    You seem to have a very romantic notion of the working people of this country, in fact you seem to be living in another world, a world of cloth caps and blokes rushing from the factory to the game, the world had changed
  2. ManCitizens.


    26 Mar 2009
    Block 117
    Every comment he makes is nothing more than a contradiction to the majorities opinion, it's obvious and tiresome.
  3. JCLUK


    22 Mar 2014
    For an adult ticket for £40 last night on official site. Just check the family stand which is always cheaper. Had been holding off on the ticket bundle announcement but weren't many seats left for Villa so thought best to get while I can. Got Sunderland for £18 adult in family stand as well last week.

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