Toby Alderweireld

Discussion in 'Transfer forum' started by City_Sean, 19 Feb 2015.

  1. simon23


    26 May 2004
    Im sure the player agent will use our name/supposed interest to get the best deal for his client!
  2. Kinkladze 1

    Kinkladze 1

    29 Apr 2015
    Doesn't his buy out clause kick in next season. And from what I remember it's not that much. This is Spurs last chance this season or all their big names will want out I should imagine as they can probably double their salaries at any of the other top 6 clubs and stand a chance of winning something.
  3. nmc


    9 Jan 2006
    It's being played out in public. A sure sign he's looking to stay and dropping other teams names into the equation just for leverage.
  4. JPBB


    22 Sep 2016
    I am sure if Pep wants him, he will go. Like Walker. Sanchez was bought to replace him. The only word of caution is that RAWK consider him a realistic target...
  5. geoff clipp

    geoff clipp

    20 Jul 2010
    Aren't Spurs a slightly unique situation though in that regardless of whether or not this is played out in public, there is an extremely tight wage structure which can't be compromised? If a Tottenham player wants a substantial pay rise they may as well just cut to the chase and express their desire to leave. The second one player gets something akin to the actual market rate they're going to have to do it for everyone and I can't imagine they'll think it's worth rocking the boat with Kane, Alli, Erikssen etc If/when Spurs finally decide to open that can of worms I doubt it'll be for a 29 year old Alderweireld, it's going to be for one of those three.
  6. dcye


    18 Jul 2009
    Strange that there's a lot of people in the Sanchez thread talking about how he's not worth buying because of his age, but none in here when they're the same age.
  7. better dead than red

    better dead than red

    18 Aug 2012
    The Commonwealth
    A defender enjoys his best years between 27/28 and 32 years of age, typically. By that time an attacking player may very well be starting to decline. One reason why I don't much want Lewandowski and haven't been that excited as some about Sanchez

    We already have one world class forward in that age bracket. We should try and get younger, imo. But, I'd be ok buying Toby A. We should be able to get a few more very good years from him.

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