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    Songs that rip off other songs.

    Shakermaker was originally based on Flying by The Beatles (instrumental track on Magical Mystery Tour). You can actually sing Shakermaker over the top of Flying and it fits perfectly.
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    The Detectives: Fighting Organised Crime

    That’s the second time in the thread you’ve said that Labour voted against protecting emergency service workers. Can you explain when this was? As far as I know, the current legislation for this - the Assaults on Emergency Workers (Offences) Act 2018 - was actually introduced originally as a...
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    Jim Davidson

    You said about his act, it “wouldn’t be tolerated these days”. We both know why it wouldn’t be tolerated these days: because it was racist. You seem to think that the fact he didn’t get paid for performing racist jokes to a group of like-minded (ie racist) people is some badge of honour, when...
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    Jim Davidson

    Translation: He came to tell racist jokes to a room full of squaddies in Germany in the 80s. We thought it was brilliant and funny because we are as racist as he is. It’s a shame Paki jokes aren’t tolerated these days.
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    Soccer Saturday Sackings

    There’s something else that’s fairly obvious as well. I’d actually have more respect for you if you were honest and just said “I don’t want to see so many black people on my TV”.
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    Marcus Rashford lobbying govt to help vulnerable children

    What an utterly pitiful response. I’m sure it was some dismal attempt to prove that you are The Biggest Blue On The Forum, but you’ve merely come across as pathetic.
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    Fair enough, I’m sure the union will assist you given your previous membership and what appears to be a genuine error in keeping your subs up to date.
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    Genuine question - why on earth do you think the union should help you? My understanding of the airport is that it is fairly well unionised. You are not currently a member of the union, despite the fact that many of your colleagues will be, you don’t currently make any contribution to the cost...
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    A new zoo in Trafford?

    I know you practically live up Morrissey’s arse, even now when he largely confines his latest dribblings to promoting fascists and his rampant Islamaphobia, but no - Steven Patrick Morrissey is not on the ball. It is not Trafford Council’s idea to open a zoo. It is the idea of a single...
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    Shimon Peres RIP

    'The murderer of 106 sheltering refugees at Qana' should be this man's only epitaph.
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    More than half of Brits want burka ban

    I have to wonder about the thought processes at play where a discussion about burkas ends up with you holding a meat cleaver at a woman's throat. I think it's you we should be worried about, not women in burkas.
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    2016-17 Champions League Qualifying Matches - (3rd Round, 2nd leg, page 10)

    So you've just smeared the Palestinian people - all of them, presumably - as terrorists. Have you any idea how ridiculous you sound these days? You used to at least pretend to want a lasting, peaceful solution. But that mask slipped long ago and you're now just full of hatred for the...
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    2016-17 Champions League Qualifying Matches - (3rd Round, 2nd leg, page 10)

    And if there is one thing the Israeli authorities are expert on, it's handing out a kicking when the odds in terms of numbers and firepower are firmly stacked in their favour. Well done to the Celtic fans for showing solidarity with the Palestinians who daily suffer oppression at the hands of...
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    Rio Olympics

    Mo Farah, Jessica Ennis-Hill and Greg Rutherford are three of the finest athletes this country has ever produced but to this fuckwit they are, respectively, "a dodgy", "a bitch" and "a ginger". Presumably Jessica Ennis-Hill is a "bitch" because, as a successful, attractive woman she wouldn't...
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    Paul Pogba

    A thread that you yourself have posted on 17 times since Monday. A thread on which you have been desperately trying to pass yourself off as some sort of ITK all summer by your repeated claims that he would not be signing for the rags, and then - when it became obvious that he was - you started...
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