2 | Kyle Walker - 2023/24

2 touches always gave the defender the time to block the cross. Needs to have trust in himself and cross it directly, 1 touch.

I loved his deserved yellow vs Maupay! Esp, as we as a team are mainly playing zero-contact football as the refs would have a field day if we gave it a go.

All those on here asking why he still starts have to answer who would be the alternative?

Rico doesn't have the physicality, John has to be managed even on CB/DM, Akanji has to cover Aké (who is overplayed - it's a wonder his hammy is still holding) while Josko is out and Gómez is no defender.

Walker has the body to play and play and we should be grateful and accept his flaws. IMO
Since Rico Lewis became an England international he has gone into the wilderness . I think Walker shouldn’t be playing and even Lewis or arkanji should be on the right .
A new right back has to be high on the list of to do's this summer. He is not stopping any crosses from Doherty and looks lost defensively.
Assist was great, but this season he just looks vulnerable. More than usual misplaced passes, lost battles defensively. Right now, we don't really have an alternative other than Manu/Johnny, but as others said, we need a RB in the summer.

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