2 | Kyle Walker - 2023/24

Was tired like all of them but when it came to covering our lapses he was there time and time again. Might have been unfortunate/fortunate for a couple, but he is still in remarkable shape and we cannot replace what he brings as easily as some seem to think.
awful in the first half, decent in the second. nowhere near his best
Good job we had his pace today or we would have been in trouble. The rest of his game didnt seem any worse than normal tbh.
He was 2 yards ahead of the rest of the back 4 despite being able to see across it, then lost Rodrygo in the box anyway. He also kills our build up from the back because he's crap on the ball and always plays a negative pass that puts his other defenders under pressure.
I'll argue this till I'm blue in the face, he's been a complete liability for 2 years. Akanji can do everything he can do defensively at right back and Rico is miles better going forward.

But Gary Neville keeps telling me he's the best fullback in the world so what the fuck do I know!
There is merit in this, I have to say...

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