31 | Ederson - 2023/24

He's got away with a few lapses in judgment of late so hopefully this will give him a bit of a kick up the backside. Similar thing happened last season when he got away with rushing out of his goal v Fulham (Pep was so pissed off with him that he was dropped for the next game). He then went on to have an amazing final part of the season.
Apart from the Rodri goal in last seasons final, he made three brilliant saves. On another City day, we could have lost. I like to cut the lad some slack for the odd fuck up.
Sometimes it is better to have the mindset of a GK. The pass to Ake looked difficult & in the weight of the moment an other option would be more reasonable. You can do it in the first half of the PL season but not in CL knockout stages. He`s experienced enough to know better.
Shocking mistake but it happens even to the very best but the error was forgotten and after he was solid and confident.

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