31 | Ederson - 2023/24

A costly error but all keepers make them. Let's keep our power dry and remember how many times he's saved us at important times, like twice in the CL final late on.

Exactly. You know there's a few "galaxy brain" moments coming with Ederson. But he's come up massive for us enough.

Can't think of another keeper I'd have in the starting 11.
Will happen. Only surprise is how infrequent it is, it should probably happen more often. Brush it off and focus so it doesn't happen again anytime soon.

Mentioned this a few games ago, our passing back to ederson at times is way too casual, that pass back was bobbling and on his wrong side. Not excusing ederson by saying that, he still should have comfortably managed and not fucked up but its something we need to sharpen up on.

I know he's exceptional with his feet but we need to take more care with the balls back to him otherwise there will be fuck ups direct from it.

Noticed in the second half, walkers first pass back to ederson, he took extra care to play the ball on the ground and to his left foot.

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