5 | John Stones - 2022/23

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Hopefully Pep carries this system into next season and John keeps this role. You can see he loves to get forward on the support but lack a bit of the nous of what to do when he receives it around the oppo penalty area. That'll improve with experience and he could go up another level again. One of those things you wish was tried(this role not lone cdm) years ago.
Thought he was sensational in that position. Best player on the pitch. I just love how we have a player like this who will put in match saving clearances and tackles one end and put together attacks at the other. Complete!
Couldn't have imagined a player just years ago looked bang out of form and destined for an exit, eventually becoming so key for us.

The intelligence a player must have to fleet between so many positions in a single match - knowing when to drop into CB, when to step into DM and when to join the attack.

It's a travesty I see so many pundits forgo Johnny Boulders in their team of the season. Really underrated IMO, pundits know he's good, but they don't seem to know how brilliant he actually is.

Lovely, lovely player.
It was marvelous to see a player who was once low on confidence put in a performance like that.

When it looked like collectively we were struggling a bit with the occasion he didn't waver, stuck to the plan, made himself available and never once hid. In its own understated way it was a display of real leadership and personality.

Did himself and us proud.
He’s been one of our best player or played a crucial role in pretty much all the biggest games we’ve played this season

I honestly think he’s goes down as one of the greatest English defenders of all time
Colossal, from minute one to the last he was the only one without a single blemish in his performance in my opinion

Contract for life
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