Al-Nassr to be (maybe) invited into the 2024/25 Champions League?

It wasn’t a test, it was a shite rumour made up by some absolutely nobody on twitter that got retweeted by all the football rumour accounts and then loads of media illiterate people flying off the handle because they didn’t bother checking the obviously bollocks rumour was bollocks before they just swallowed the whole thing. Then UEFA, which has already made it clear that the idea is bollocks several times, has had to come out and issue another denial of this thing that isn’t going to happen.
It would have been refreshing if UEFA had simply responded with the refute: 'Load.Of.Bollocks!'
Competition is a fucking farce anyway, if it means we make a few more quid I'm all for it. Game went years ago, especially is Europe. Great to win it but give me the Prem any day of the week
Next season’s format sounds utterly shite.

The CL is great in the quarters and semis. Belting games in them. The Bayern home game last season was electric in atmosphere and the standard of football was the highest I’ve ever seen.

The final always seems anticlimactic and tense.

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