An Important Message For Cyclists

Never wore a helmet and never stopped at a red light...unless i want a rest.
Er, between 2005-2018, 542 people were killed by cars driving on the pavement. Not on the roads; Driving. on. the. pavement. Let that sink in.

The number of people killed by cyclists riding on the pavement in that same time frame was 6.

I came to the conclusion many years ago that, as with guns, the problem lies entirely with the human element rather than the equipment involved.

People can be incredibly stupid.
Big difference...the cyclists are unlikely to kill someone else. Just themselves.
That’s true mate, though how about the poor driver who kills a cyclist through no fault of his own, because the cyclist has jumped a red light etc?
Used to cycle, but most motorists are absolute cunts so now I just drive like a twat to annoy everyone else.
I wish they passed a law requiring all cyclists to wear a suitable helmet. I now expect numerous hilarious pictures of "suitable helmets"!
My brother got knocked of his bike last February. He wasn't wearing a helmet, sadly. He now has a severe brain injury and after working for the past 40 years, he now has very bad depression as he's not able to go back to work. I could go on for a week about the difference it has made to him and his family. I just wish he had listened to us all and worn a helmet.
The problem is the disproportionate level of outrage when it happens.

It's around 1 or 2 PER YEAR, and whilst every death is tragic, motorists are responsible for 5 deaths EVERY SINGLE DAY and nobody really bats an eyelid. The majority if those deaths do not result in the driver facing a jail sentence.

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