Anyone eaten in a 3 star michelin restaurant

@domalino what‘s the 4 Saisons like, we’ve been thinking of staying there this year.

Really, really good at the soft touches, all the staff are lovely, the building is great, the gardener gave us a tour of the gardens and picked some of our food in front of us.

The food is excellent obviously but quite simple. Not many ingredients and not messed about with too much, just very fresh and seasonal. Every dish had an element that really grabbed your attention and got us talking.

Deserts are different though, really fancy, loads of different complicated elements and indulgent.

This was 2016, IIRC they got a new head chef but I doubt the standard has dropped.
I’ve been lucky enough to go to a few Michelin star restaurants.

Champignon Sauvage, Cheltenham *
Lumiere, Cheltenham *
Restaurant 4 Saisons, Oxford *
Clove Club London *
Salt, Stratford upon Avon *
No 6 Padstow *
Purnels Birmingham *
Murano London *
Gymkhana *

L’enclume, Lake District **
Hand and Flowers, Marlow **
Midsummer House Cambridge **

Fat Duck ***
Restaurant Gordon Ramsey ***

IMO it’s easily worth the money. You can easily 3-4 times as much as a normal restaurant but they’re experiences I’ll remember forever. It’s not just a meal, it’s an experience in the way going to a film premiere at Leicester Square is not putting a film on Netflix.

I would also say they can be some of the best value meals I’ve ever had. Mothers day a few years back I took mum to the Hand and Flowers and we ended up getting the lunch special.

The best meal of my life up to that point was about £45pp in a 2 star restaurant where a starter is roughly £25, main £50, desert £30. It’s such a bargain that I felt like I was being paid to eat it.

The only negative experience I had was Gordon Ramsay. It was amazing food but it was a client dinner (only one in the list that was) and I really did not like the client and it was slow.

If the price is an issue I would really look into set lunch menus, especially if it’s out in the countryside as they get less footfall, and also listen out for buzz around a place and simply go before they get a star. The food is the same, the prices aren’t.

Destination ones are always my favourite, because people are going there to eat. Youll meet other people who’ve travelled across the country or world to come and are really excited, and they really care about the food. If you go to London you’ll be surrounded by very rich people who just have a booking to show off.

My one regret is I never got to Le Gavroche. What a restaurant and the roll call of chefs who trained there is insane. My sister says she still wakes up occasionally thinking about the treacle tart they served for desert.
“It’s such a bargain I felt like I was being paid to eat it”. That’s got to be one of the best lines I’ve ever read. Pmsl.
“It’s such a bargain I felt like I was being paid to eat it”. That’s got to be one of the best lines I’ve ever read. Pmsl.

I did! Honestly I don’t think it matters what the setting is, finding out something is basically 1/2 price always makes it taste better and you feel like you’ve won.
If anyone is up in the NE, near Amble, I'd recomend the "Fish Shack" on the harbour side, not Michelin starred by a long way, and literally a "shack" on the harbour side, entering it feels a bit like going into a public toilet, the decor is pretty basic, but the fish, landed fresh every day, and never the same day to day, was superb. You can have "fish and chips" or go more adventurous, but it's fish, simply done, and was excellent when we visited, and it's family run. We went because it was featured on an episode of the "Hairy Bikers", and we were staying near by.
Experience at L’enclume spoilt slightly by a knob head scouse sommelier who took offence when I told him something about a wine. I was just trying to engage but the insecure tool didn’t like it.

If in the lakes I’d sooner recommend the Old Stamp House in Ambleside. Better food, more cosy surroundings and less stuffy.

First time I went there was a big big fella on another table, his polo shirt was riding up his back and his jeans were low showing a good chunk of his hairy arse crack
I was wondering if given the prices you’re paying a member of staff should’ve asked him to pull them up

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