Are there any bona fide world class players in a bottom 10 PL team right now?

I cringe every time I hear the term "world class". I've done so ever since I saw a letter on Ceefax Sport from a Charlton fan claiming Paul Koncheski is world class....

Is there a definite number of exactly how many players can be deemed as being "world class"?

I'd have thought there could only be one player for each position.
For example you can't have 3 world class keepers because one of them has to be number 1, therefore a class above the other 2.
Although any keeper can make a world class save, that doesn't make them world class.

So in answer to the OP's question....... I'd say definitely no.
Surely that's "best in the world" rather than "world class"?

If only one striker can be world class at any particular time, would than mean real only one of Haaland and Mbappe can be in the world class discussion?

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