Are there any bona fide world class players in a bottom 10 PL team right now?

There haven't been many who could grow in to potential world class players at bottom 10 clubs
Rooney was at time potential world class at a bottom 10 club at Everton before signing for United..
if Haaland never moved from Molde he can not be considered World Class ? despite having the same attributes as a player. it's more of a rhetorical question.
Which is why players playing for the bottom half teams in a league won’t generally be classed as world class, unless for a tabloid style radio debate.
Which is why players playing for the bottom half teams in a league won’t generally be classed as world class, unless for a tabloid style radio debate.
Suppose it’s all about recognition... if a singer only sang at your local club in front of 20 or 30 people at most, never ventured further but had a fantastic unbelievable voice... could he or she be called a world class performer and be put on the same pedestal as Frank Sinatra.. Elvis or Shirley Bassey.
-----De Bruyne---Bernardo
Salah------Haaland------Vini Jr

Di Lorenzo--Saliba---Van Dijk--Robertson


I think if you get in the top 2 or 3 teams in world football you're world class, a bit of bias may have come into the last 3 teams but I was genuinely struggling to think of anyone better than our lads.

Some of the players in the 3rd team are a stretch but can you put players like Rice over Camavinga when he's played 4 Champions League games?

Right back is a tough position to rank at the moment. Walker is lightyears ahead of his competition.

Probably the pick of them are Toney, Neto, Eze, Pickford and Palhina… but it’s a stretch to say any of them are even nearly world class
There's maybe 15 in the whole league. And half of those are on our team, so no. There aren't
The best player in the bottom 10 is Paqueta followed by Eze and Neto, the latter two can’t get a game for their countries so can’t be classed as world class.
Bit of a stretch to call Paqueta world class too, unproven at the highest level (champions league)
Just think it’s sad that some players mentioned are now deemed world class, years ago you had to be special to earn that tag but now that title is handed out like confetti. I keep hearing the lad Bellingham at Madrid is world class yet he never won anything at Birmingham, no titles at Dortmund, nothing with England and played about three months for Madrid, yet because people say he’s the best in the world in his position he gets the tag... says it all really.. James Madison has not won anything... been at Spurs as long as Bellingham has at Madrid and has also started the season well and in a better League.. is he world class.

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