Argentina - new president

It seems unbelievable that this nutter is actually a real person. Taking guidance from his dogs.

He wants to legalise the market in human organs.
It's what can easily happen in a presidential system.
The populist anti-establishment candidate elected mainly as a reactionary response to the usual crew.
Right wing tends to be likely but could be left wing.

Made me wonder who might get enough momentum if we had such a system.
Their agenda wouldn't have to make sense, just have enough headline grabbers to appeal to the ignorant.
Wouldn't need to get 50.1% of the population, just 50.1% of the vote, probably 35% of the population.
Piers Morgan
Jeremy Clarkson
Jeremy Corbyn
Gary Neville
Carol Vorderman
Even Mad Nad
This election will be better for Argentina.

He's a laughing stock, but remember - he who laughs last, laughs longest.

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