Argentina - new president

Sadly a basket case of romantic, populists from both left and right from Peron to Guevara ad infinitum. Even the seemingly rational and staid professional classes such as economists are off the scale. They'd elect Mafalda if she could run albeit she'd probably make a better job of it
Looks a lot like Bernard Manning in this photo

I got a text from a friend saying he looks like a cross between Bernard Manning and Joe Bugner.
He appears straight out of the Mussolini mold, it's quite bizarre really that a country that not so long ago was throwing dissidents alive from helicopters and planes into the sea, have elected someone like that

But it does indicate that normal politics is failing the poor and the under represented, a lot of the problems stem from globalization and the rise of China, it can't be right that it's cheaper to make clothes in China than countries like Bangladesh, the working classes see their jobs shipped off to China and no one bats an eyelid, then they build expensive apartments on the sites of the factories, and the work that is available is low paid service type work meaning they could never afford to live there
It's funny that these cockroaches pose as anti elites speaking for the little man who they patronisingly imagine as a pea brained Alf Garnett type they can manipulate at will while they loot everything that moves for themselves and their family

Of course first thing they do is say I'm not a fascist I love Israel
Right wingers were getting all giddy this morning, how’s it looking now ??
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I hate to be the bearer of bad news but apparently it's in the Argentinian constitution that they have sovereignity over the islands, so when he was asked this he only had one answer he could give without causing a constitutional crisis.

It's the same position as every single Argentine president since the 1850's.
We'll see. This guy comes across as the sort of character who'd possibly do it. If it all starts going tits up for him, it's a bit of a no-brainer.

I listened to the excellent Rest is History podcast series on the Falklands recently, Dominic Sandbrook has written a book on the Falklands War, and they brought this idea of a second war near the end of the series for a bit of fun and basically...if our military has gone downhill since 1982, Argentina is exponentially worse. They would probably be sending some of the same equipment as they did 40 years ago.

Although I found the most interesting thing about that series how desperate Thatcher was to give them the islands! She tried about 4 or 5 times. First she proposed offering all the islanders 100k each to leave and full citizenship of the commonwealth country of their choice. Then several times she tried to get the Argentines to accept the UN proposal of them taking control of the islands and deciding who owned them peacefully - which Thatcher was advised would almost certainly end up with Argentina getting them.

It changed my perspective a lot, because not having lived through it, these days the conventional wisdom is that Thatcher was chomping at the bit for a war so she could rally around the flag and dress up to play in tanks etc.
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