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The midfield problem is only going to get worse in the short term, KDB is knocking on a bit and becoming more susceptible to injury, Bernado will (probably) finally depart at the end of this season, and Phil is just one man. Rodri has no cover to speak of and we're left with Doku, Nunes and Kova all with a long way to go to fill the boots of the above or Gundog/Mahrez. Phillips unfortunately looks lost when he plays, which is a pity because he's undoubtedly a good player, just not in our system

Then we have Jack.....promises so much and no doubt keeps the ball exceptionally well, which fits in with the pep plan, but he really should be providing more in the way of goals/assists/chance creation.

Of course the new boys may just need time to adjust, but for all 3 to work out will be some achievement

The one good thing is we have 6 very good defenders which should mean we have no reason to spend there for a couple of seasons, plus Rico coming through at a pace
You had Lavia and Palmer: the Rodri's replacement and the quality midfielder that you are now missing. Your mistake is not in the signings but in the sales.
OUT: Gündoğan, Mahrez, Palmer, Laporte, Mendy
IN: Gvardiol, Nunes, Kovačić, Doku

5/10, coming players are not better that the ones that departed City.
Think we definitely need a seasoned left back aswell because we are getting pulled down that left hand side

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