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Maddison deemed ‘not city level’ by many on here in the summer.

Wish I had time to dig up all the crap spouted by the transfer geniuses here about Maddison.
OUT: Gündoğan, Mahrez, Palmer, Laporte, Mendy
IN: Gvardiol, Nunes, Kovačić, Doku

5/10, coming players are not better that the ones that departed City.
You don't just replace someone with the level of Gundogan and Mahrez and naively expect some unproven(Nunes), idling(Kovacic) and raw(Doku) player to come in and replace them without a drop in quality. Those players are top level players with exceptional skill sets, replacing them will not be easy.

Even Gvardiol talented as he is, is not someone who greatly improves from what Laporte offered. Add that to the fact he cost a pretty penny while we literally giveaway Laporte for free and I'm here left scratching my head at the logic of our transfer business this season.
It's way too early to be having these kinds of conversations. We can maybe start having them next summer, but even then it's no use judging a load of new lads after one year. We've seen countless times that players signed by Pep aren't generally at their strongest in the first season. For what it's worth, Gvardiol, Nunes, Kovacic, and Doku have all been absolutely fine so far. They've all got things they need to iron out but the same could be said of a bunch of our players right now. We're not a club that signs for the present moment like United do, we're always thinking about how each new signing will fit into our squad over the next few years.

Lots of people are saying we haven't replaced Gundogan and Mahrez but five years ago these same people were saying that Gundogan and Mahrez weren't any good for us either - that Mahrez was no Leroy and that Gundogan was no David Silva. It took Gundogan until the 3rd or 4th year of his City career for the majority of our fans to really appreciate him. Do you remember the criticism that double pivot with him and Rodri used to get? Then after 18 months of it "hindering" us, something suddenly clicked and we never looked back. Now we look at Gundogan with tears in our eyes and we're convinced nobody can ever replace him. Just give it some time.

Looking forward to 2028 when a 34-year-old Kovacic has been sold to Dinamo Zagreb and there are posts about how a 24-year-old Gavi just isn't providing the same level of control as Kovacic used to, etc.
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Gvardiol 7 kovacic 6 doku 6.5 nunes 6.5
For me: Gvardiol 7.5, Doku 7, Kovacic 6, Nunes 5.
Gvardiol shows good promise, imo.
Unfortunately I can see us regretting Nunes long term, although we were desperate for numbers last summer, I have watched him carefully, his effort and body language is not the best imo, not sure this will wash with Pep. Fingers crossed I'm wrong!

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