Ban Them For Life

Fat Chance

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2 Jul 2009
There's a rather unfortunate twitter post from kirky on twitter doing the rounds highlighting a supposed utd fan spouting off on the metro...


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21 Nov 2004
i'm not really here
From a criminal point of view unless there are witnesses (people stood near to him who have come forward) it will be hard to prove beyond all reasonable doubt-that said he will be banned, prob lose his job and all respect from his family and mates..made a stick for the club, so he can fuck off.
yeh i think the video dosnt give enough evedence on its own although there is a frozen frame which says a definate yes, it will most likely go to the CPS and be returned not in the public interest, cant see how the club can ban him if he's not prosecuted,that would be like a staement saying guilty without a hearing so i think the clubs hands are tied


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9 Jan 2006
What the hell happened to the good natured, self-deprecating, piss taking city fans I grew up with? Fuck all humour or warmth on the stands at the moment, and we are living our wildest dreams. Can't get my head round it.
Hmm. I remember similar incidents in a Derby game with Beckham at a corner. I also remember going away to play Bradford City with Joe Royle's side the season we went down and the least said about that day the better.

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