Borussia Dortmund (A) - CL QF | Post-Match Thread


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9 Aug 2009
Absolutely brilliant stuff. The football in the second half was class. And after dominating the first half Dortmund were out of puff.

We should have and could have scored more and it would have been nice to see a bit more ruthlessness in front of goal. But the job was done it was keep ball mode and I can't complain at all.

Get in! Feels amazing to be in the semis. A tough game but let's just give them everything we have again and hopefully we can get through.


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11 Sep 2011
Anyone have an idea what Foden and Haaland were talking about at the end?
"Like I said last week mate, think of all the fifa drinking games, got it all set up at mine. Going to be sick. Have to be in bed by 10 for training though, the gaffer has us training hard for these quadruples every season. Don't worry got your pull out bed sorted with sleeping bag"

Gingers Dad

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8 Mar 2011
Walton is such a twat. Changes like the wind and never right.

As an aside why do these channels feel the need to have a former ref on for single contentious events during a 90 mins, just employ pundits that know the rules and can have an educated discussion.
Or they could employ a former ref who knows the rules?


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20 Aug 2004
King Kunta
Lovely lovely evening. Thought Dortmund after a bright start, were very poor and very negative. City after a poor and nervy start dominated the rest of the game. Second half was men against boys IMO. The goal was going to come eventually.

The balls on Mahrez taking that penalty, and the balls on Phil Foden for being from Stockport and being that good at football. Won't lie, not really had moist eyes because of a game since 93:20. But when he banged that shot in my eyes were wet.


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11 Jan 2009
Does any one want to know how old Bellingham is , what car he drives ,where he comes from , how much he earned last year , blah blah blah
Please contact BT as they will be sure to tell you
He was the best young player around - then Foden scored. Not that Darke thought to correct himself.

I used to think some were a bit paranoid about BT coverage but then I rarely saw it as I was at the match. That was awful last night.


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31 Jan 2018
Great win! Would like to know what is going on in sterlings head
No confidence, new contract negotiations going on and it seems Pep has no confidence in him at the moment. On the chance he had at the end, he looked like he was scared to miss. Don't know how but he needs to get his head right.

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