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  1. OntarioBlue


    12 Jun 2016
    A bit off topic but I’ve just read the article on the BBC where Pep says there will be no new players in January and Fern stays at centre back.

    This is the kind of stubbornness that costs titles and cups and loses Managers their jobs (ok maybe not Pep but ordinary Managers). Surely I am not the only one who can see we are not a patch on the team of last season and desperately need a little strengthening. The league may be out of reach for us but we are still in three competitions although there does seem to be a consensus on here that we are not winning the Champions League with that defence.
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  2. BosnianBlue


    20 Jan 2019
    Team supported:
    Don't be shy. YOu just want Fernandinho in midfield, you couldn't give a flying one for new things, hahaha
  3. lmhblue1


    29 May 2019
    John, mate......
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  4. lasereyes


    5 Nov 2013
    Maybe he thinks we are even worse with Otamendi as CB?
  5. mancity1


    18 Aug 2005
    Team needs a lot of strengthening in a number of ways over the coming windows , we need to improve our rate of soft tissue injuries the right way , we need targets to join us that will replace stalwarts like Silva , Kun , Ferny and we need to get more out of what we have without replacements both in consistency of effort , press , combination play with speed and finishing on a more consistent basis.

    I don't think we are too far short of another season like two seasons ago if we get the right replacements at the right age for longer term top line success seriously challenging for both the big titles on a consistent basis.

    Our history is slowly evolving and its positive overall , you will always have blips in a competitive league and each year this year Liverpool and Leicester for example performing beyond expectation of result.
  6. bluemc1


    4 Oct 2012
    We are 11 points behind a very very good side, back to back champions league finals and 3rd highest league points total in history last year, they are flying and unbeaten so far this year

    we are not the same side as when we managed to hold them off last year, we are weakened massively losing Kompany ( player and presence). We’ve lost our best defender and our most exciting attacker in LaPorte and Sane and this has also resulted in us losing the best holding midfielder in the league.

    can people not see this ? It’s not cos Peps stubborn or Gundagans and Rhodris fault, the only thing annoying me is that we could’ve won all these games if we just took our chances,
    Injuries and our strikers not firing is what will cost us the league
  7. Fred_Quimby


    28 Feb 2017
    You really have lost your true vocation Simon. With your outstanding insight into the how the game is played and abilities of players is outstanding. Why are you not a top, top manager?

    I have been a supporter for about 65 years and when I go to games I watch and support MY team. I don't dissect, analyse to death games I just support them. Yes, every player makes mistakes; yes, they may even disappoint BUT I come back for more each week. Some people on here must be real saddoes down the pub. Always complaining about the team. As soon as someone misplaces a pass he's sh1t and it doesn't matter what he does next as some people's bias on here knows no bounds.

    Sorry Simon, you caught me on a bad day and you are not alone.
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  8. ancoats


    28 Aug 2005
    burnley away is the hardest game of the season for me and add it being played on cold night in December its just about the worse game and at the wrong time, this is a nightmare game and with the derby at the weekend ?? city need to show fight tonight and if i was pep ban gloves and tights and long sleeves shirts, because burnley will be thinking they are not up for this tonight and fancy it if we wrap up with gloves and other stuff

    have not got a clue what sort of the team tonight but gundogan will be out with picking up 5 yellows so rodri will start, that's it from me and it could be anything from whats available ? mendy maybe rested and walker could return i just don't know tonight
  9. Blue Llama

    Blue Llama

    26 May 2009
    We have some great players who won two Championships back to back and a squad does not become rubbish 'overnight'. However, for the last 15 or so years of the EPL the successful teams have had two qualities, pace and accuracy. We appear to have lost both at a time when the dippers and Leicester are showing these strengths.
  10. lionheart


    31 Aug 2008
    Greater Manchester
    Are any more City players near a suspension through accummulation of yellow cards? Most worried about Fernandinho missing a biggy.
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