Burnley (H) Post Match Thread


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3 Jan 2017
Immediate post match thoughts are broadly thats more like it. Very decent performance despite being against a team that coming to the Etihad is their bogey on steroids.

Some good finishing at last and all five being clinically put away. Wont be a popular view of course but we looked so much better going forward without Sterling running into dead ends until he loses the ball or and momentum, that did not seem to happen today.

Thought Kev looked better, another promising showing by Torres with a good clinical finish thrown in. Mahrez hat trick speaks for itself and a very big performance by John Stones. Foden looked sharp when he came on and his cross for Mahrez third goal was absolute class and again something that would be beyond Sterling who often would be receiving that kind of ball in that position.

Strange to say after scoring five and having two ruled out, but for me we are that one top class striker away from being in with a good chance of winning the league again.
Have to agree with you about Sterling. Im really losing patience with him. Dead ends, loses the ball so often and consistently missing good scoring chances.

City Man

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8 Feb 2014
Gabby was his usual industrious self. He chases down defenders, runs off the ball, takes defenders away etc, but his offside today was comical. Only then did VAR make an appearance.
Stones was a rock today. I really hope that he’s put all his past troubles behind him and can go on and show us what we bought him for.
Gundogan had a decent game too.
Kev was sublime, shame he didn’t get a goal.
We could have had double figures if we had been even more clinical. Get some game time in before we play the comedy fixture v rags. I think we all know VAR will be examining every move we make right back to see if they can disallow it.
Onwards Blues.
Don't forget that Gabby was as he always is desperate to score and sometimes tries the impossible when a team mate might be a better option but his little pass to Torres for his goal was a delight.


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14 Jan 2018
Seen as everyone is raving about Mahrez do you think he should start in the derby game ? Also same question about John stones and mendy ? Maybe we have turned the corner .

Stoned Rose

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29 Oct 2010
Hanging out the side of a Cortina
Burnley not the hottest opponent but scoring five is a confidence booster going forward. Great game. Stones played like his career depended on it. Maybe he’ll actually bounce back for real. Four top centrebacks at the club. Wow!

Was ace. We know he's a cracking player. Lets hope he cracks on now and shows it week in week out.

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