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2 Jun 2008
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Don’t want to tempt fate, but I will. What was the reason for doing a Day 2 test…as I understood it we all faced fines etc from govt agents. Sounds like we’ve all been done over. How the fuck could govt succeed in fining people based on the total inept organisations they have commissioned to carry out these tests

You had to have one booked/paid for to get back in the country. After that I don't think anyone's going to follow up, even if you don't get a result back.


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31 May 2009
We have finally got our negative day 2 tests with 3 hours 36 minutes of day 10 left

Don't suppose we have a chance of a refund though now, even though the govt say in order for a tester to comply with regulations they have to supply results within 48 hours of receipt...

Noticed the results pdf is dated 5th Feb, is titled "TEST TO RELEASE DAY 2" and says: This document is to certify that the above named patient had a COVID-19 Antigen nasal swab test performed.

This document says for a day 2 test:
The provider must use established molecular detection methods that have been independently validated by a laboratory with a UKAS accredited SARS-COV-2 RT-PCR method, or an ISO15189 or ISO/IEC 17025 accredited laboratory with the following performance characteristics as a minimum:

  • clinical sensitivity greater than 99% (or 95% 2-sided confidence interval entirely above 97%), and
  • clinical specificity greater than 99% (or 95% 2-sided confidence interval entirely above 97%)
  • limit of detection less than or equal to 1,000 SARS-CoV-2 copies per millilitre (≤1000 Copies/ml)
Seems like a proper slapdash outfit
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21 Jul 2007
Just received confirmation of my refund from Eurofins for the Day2 test - now obviously need to check it actually lands in my account.

This came after four consecutive days of writing to them (ignored each time until today) stating the goods I received were “significantly not as described”. Namely, 96 hours to receive a test result they guaranteed would take 24.

Keep on at them Blues. They’ll crack eventually and refund you too.

west didsblue

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2 Oct 2011
Just had an email from Royal Mail telling me my Eurofins parcel will be arriving tomorrow! Just what I need on day 12 instead of a refund! Fucking idiots.


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29 Feb 2012
Start sending letters / emails to the likes of Money Matters / Which? / Newspaper Goods and Consumer pages / copied to the relevant ten-bob shyster company and when you’ve finished doing that and heard nothing swamp them in the small claims court. The local (and national) press would love this shit too. Mismanagement/ abuse of public funds in the middle of a pandemic would be lapped up by the 4th estate


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5 Jul 2009
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Just sent a note to Atrucheck requesting a refund of day 2 test as received no results, no point in sending me a result now when Ive isolated 10 days.

Lets see what type of company they are.

Wont let it drop if they tell me to do one, I want my money back.

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