Chelsea - FA Cup SF | Post-Match Thread

john blue

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6 Jan 2009
Bad team selection, and bad team management. a semi final and we had how many shots on goal , ? top scorers in prem, and chelsea keeper didnt have to make a save.


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24 Apr 2014
Fernandinho: "It’s a big disappointment to lose an #FACup

semi-final – it's hard and tough to take. We have to congratulate

- they got the chance and scored. It was an important match for us, but they were a bit better than us and congratulations to them..."
They had strange way of showing it was "important match". Nearly to man looked like no one gave fuck.


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4 Nov 2010
Lack of confidence is a fucking cop out and a feeble excuse for bottlers

No it’s not.. absolutely the opposite. It’s everything for a forward. It’s the difference between scoring 3 good chances or missing all three and the next three... and so on.

To put it in context.. Prior to this season, during the 3 previous seasons Sterling was our biggest goal threat and often the match winner in key games. Two of those seasons were the best this club has seen...which begs the question?

Did Sterling fluke 3 seasons on the bounce and is now playing to his true level? Or is he a player that is having a huge blip and letting the pressure get in the way of his performances?

BTW It’s not really a question and quite obvious to anyone with a brain cell.
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21 Aug 2007
Centurions 9301
Pep Guardiola: "What would you say if we won with eight changes? Don’t say after the game we don't pay attention just because we lose the game. Say it before. Not after. We respect the #FACup

- we came here to win.” [via


Inter Me Nan

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2 Aug 2012
Don't like piling onto players but what the fuck was that from Mendy & Sterling?
Also thought Pep got the team wrong but it's done now, let's get the league won.


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26 Jun 2020
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Man City
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Its a possibility with KDB but If i was asked honestly I think his attitude was poor...its been seen before with him and its become more noteable this season as good as he has been ...the point you noticed was the first the first 15 mins.....therefore if there had been a niggle he would surely have come i doubt it was this and that wasnt the last time he did it in the game either......we can try to find excuses but I think that its more than likely he just wasnt up for it and he was very poor today
Bad wording on my part! The point referencing sterling related specifically to Sterling and was nothing to do with KDB. Sterling lost the ball, again, and then just started walking in the general direction of where the ball had gone! Never seen him do that before.


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1 Nov 2008
The Premier League is the most important trophy to win, eveything else is a bonus. I was fuming losing to Leeds but I'm not as angry losing to Chelsea in the FA Cup even though we would of beat Chelsea with a stronger team, and probably gone on to win the cup. Its clear Pep is prioritising the pussy galore trophy which is a very dangerous game to play. I really hope we play our strongest team against Villa, and get the 3 points. If we don't the pressure will really start to build.

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