Chelsea - FA Cup SF | Post-Match Thread


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4 Nov 2010

sterling been shit since pep dropped him and just coasts in games and clearly not giving 100%

That is complete bullshit. To me he always looks like he’s trying and is involved but keeps fucking it up.. if anything he’s trying too hard and ultimately getting it wrong.

Torres hid today.. Sterling didn’t. Albeit both were crap.

brummie blue

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2 Jun 2009
Pep has to stop changing 7 or 8 players, win the next 6 games with our best 11 every time and we will have the Prem and league cup done and will be in champs league final.

Several players have proved they are so out of form they can't be considered as first choice at the moment.

The worse thing we can do now is rest players for the Villa game.

Best team every game until trophies are won.


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1 Oct 2020
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Manchester City
Sorry, but he's talking out of his arse. I want to sit in a room with him and ask him why he started sterling. Then, after fuck up after fuck up ask him why he wasn't subbed.
Once again Oh Grand Master, you fucked up a chance to make something really fucking special.

City Man

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8 Feb 2014
The premiership is, for me, the only trophy that matters, the rest, a bonus.

However, Pep wants the CL.

Be interesting to see how the rest of this season now plays out.

IMO we need 3 pts v Villa.

We have a final 3 days before Paris.

My money is on a stronger side v Paris, and, I agree.
Fully agree. Except It's not Pep so much as our owners who want the CL. Pep is under pressure to win it and the PL is important in that it has a bearing on the CL pot. Hence team selections like today. Leeds was a serious miscalculation.

Personally the PL outweighs everything for me. It's a hard grind not only for the players but also us supporters trudging to games in all weathers, getting soaked in our seats if our seasoncard happens to be (like mine) a row too near the pitch, the highs in the pub before the game and the occasional lows afterwards, just being privileged to watch on our pitch some of the greatest players in the world.

Time for another beer.


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26 Jun 2020
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Would’ve been better off with Walker and Ake as full backs and zinchenko and Cancelo playing where Sterling and Torres did

I’m not joking either
...and Mendy as 9, where he can do less damage!


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21 Sep 2009
He’s been shite all season.
The only reason he shouldn’t have been subbed off is because he shouldn’t have been on in the first place.
With the way we rotate we all knew he would be play though. The thing is he should be contributing a lot more regardless.
Our set up today did him no favours but the sad thing is he doesn’t have the skill set to contribute in a game like today. His first touch, ball control decision making and passing ability is not to the standard we require.
That is before his confidence issues come into play at all.

Cancelo has the skill set but has poor decision making at times and is careless consistently giving the ball away very cheaply. I don’t think he had a full backs instinct for danger either. He worries me, he is so overconfident at times.
Rodri has improved greatly this season but is still too slow to play with an aging Fernandinho against a young agile opponent. He dwells too long gets shut down and gave the ball away a lot today.
Torres just hasn’t got up to the speed of the English game at all yet.

It was no one players fault. I thought even reliables like Dias looked tired and nervous of this defence.
Steffen gifted them an open goal.
Mendy? Less said the better.
I hope Kev is okay but even before he turned his ankle he looked tired and slow.

The way I see it, I never really considered the quadruple as I don’t think we are as strong with our second eleven out or even our second 7 or 8 in our rotation system.

We have done remarkably well this season with a team without a striker and no forward that you would have confidence in, in a one on one with the goalkeeper.
We need our best eleven plus three on the bench in every important must win game at this stage, and currently I don’t see Sterling in that fourteen.
It’s up to him to prove he should be there but he rarely does these days.

Oh by the way, I still love this team and how they have played this season although it doesn’t sound like it from this rant, but e think we are a replacement for Fern and Aguero and Mendy possibly, from being truly formidable. What Pep has got out of this squad, this season, is remarkable when you consider the players that were being lambasted last season, stepping up to the plate this year.


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7 Jan 2012
/ /.

Bad wording on my part! The point referencing sterling related specifically to Sterling and was nothing to do with KDB. Sterling lost the ball, again, and then just started walking in the general direction of where the ball had gone! Never seen him do that before.
Noticed that,he wandered to the spot he lost possession and just stood there for a minute,it was weird.

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