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I’m going to say something now which may get me in some folks bad books but it’s the way I feel and I make no excuses.

Any City fan who has a bad word for any City player after today’s game needs to give their head a wobble. That team today showed character, determination, grit, heart and soul. They fought to keep our place in the cup and they succeeded. Ok it wasn’t the best display but they played as a team, together.
Criticism is ok on a normal match (constructive criticism) but today they were magnificent warriors and only (IMHO) deserved praise.

There’s a word that a lot of you use that begins with the 3rd letter of the alphabet and if you had bad words for that team today please apply that word to yourself!

Sorry but that is my opinion and I stand by it. Throw your stones (no pun intended) at me but I stand with that team and our fans. :-)

My only regret today? I couldn’t be there, I cried the other night because I wasn’t able to go to Wembley. But today my tears would have been tears of joy and pride. Sorry for the essay. ;-)
Well said EB.
I agree. It was not a pen but the trouble is so many like that are given, it is just ludicrous. If VAR had asked the ref to look again, my bet is a pen would be given as they seldom stick to their ordinal decision when asked to review. My immediate reaction was: that’s not a pen but it will be given. Phew! It would have been hard on Jack to give away another doubtful Wembley pen.
An attacker in that situation would get away with it provided it did not lead to a goal. Different rules for different folks, very odd.
What's more ludicrous is the fact that they were reviewing to see how it hit his hand and deemed that it wasn't a penalty but they still gave the goal-kick as VAR can't intervene in that area.
I'll tell you what these brilliant, skillful, and extremely hard-working players have more than anything else, which continuously sets them apart from the rest of English football:


We were pretty poor yesterday (understandably so, I'm not criticising), but the guts they showed to stay in the game and then take that chance at the end was incredible.

I've never been as proud (and that's a high bar to clear) of them as I was yesterday evening.

And a word on Chelsea: I don't think I've ever seen a team so full of total pretenders as Chelsea right now. That lot are a disgrace to the great Chelsea teams of the last 20 years. When Mykhailo Mudryk smashed that last minute free kick out for a City goal kick I just burst out laughing.

Onto the final to pump Coventry!
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Fully believe that placing us on the Saturday knowing we were playing a CL quarter final on the Wednesday, and with the others having no midweek game, was attempted sabotage. Not the first time it has happened either.
Not the last either, we’ve got the Spuds on Tuesday the 14th May when we could realistically have played on Wednesday the 15th May but Sky have chosen the Rags on the Wednesday for the Conference League shootout against Newcastle.

The League fixtures were also selected with a relatively easy start then games against our rivals around the time the Champions League started, happened in Autumn and Spring.

However when next season’s fixtures are announced the same “we play every other team twice” comments will be in here, yes we do but there’s been a clear agenda this season to fuck us over.

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