City football shirts everywhere

The first group of little kids that arrived at my door for trick or treating last night and one had a full City kit on, in Pennsylvania, I let him put his hand in and rummage around the longest and grab the biggest treat
Maybe they were fans due to Pantilimon.
Working at a couple of High Schools in Bolton, unbelievable the amount of kids saying they support City.

United is a dirty word around here and they can't be arsed with Bolton.

Oddly enough they've not been arsed with Bolton for very close to a good decade my dad moved up here 20 years back, very rarely do I see Bolton shirts nowadays the days of Allardyce when they had Okocha and Anelka you'd see a good few but not now, same with rags there's very few rag shirts either probably the same amount as Bolton I've defo noticed a big buildup of young blues around there, in the past decade and half gradually more and more kids are wearing City shirts in this town it's definitely the dominant top in Bolton.

If Bolton return to the top flight or get more buzz around them I'm sure they'll be a good resurgence for them, with the rags though they carry on failing so less and less of them and young kids aren't interested in them, they're instead showing their true blue colours it's great to see.

I've been towyn in Wales twice this year never once did I see a single rag top on a child or adult, which surprised me but did see a few dippers red and blue no surprise, during the school holidays I ventured out to Rhyl and Prestatyn on days out from towyn and Welsh mountain zoo etc. During that time I saw plenty of young City fans and usually with Haaland on their back, one lad must've been 5 or 6 kept constantly singing our rendition of rhythm is a dancer on the caravan site.

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