City launch legal action against the Premier League

Great job again by Stefan ‘Bronson’
Even the orange wankstain seems to have mellowed since his little rant yesterday and seems to be not ‘jumping up and down’ as much.
Maybe Bronson had a word before hand ; )
Wish it could of been Charles Bronson having a word with the orange headed tit ....
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Whatever happens with this case, it appears that whoever leaked the documentation to the press will be in hot water, allegedly it was an Arsenal employee so there could be sanctions against the club as a result if proven that it was leaked.
But it was deemed unfair by their fans, they couldn’t afford to keep him and as fans of a club who were in an even worse situation then surely we can understand the way they felt.

At the end of the day that’s sport but let’s not kid ourselves that we were gutted when SWP left for Chelsea and wished we could have kept him.

Never mind SWP I remember when Pompy raped us taking Distin, James & Cole.
Start that witg

No Sheik Mansour

And you’ve got a winner mate.
Oh yes indeed now we can have this ditty:

No Sheik Mansour
No Arabs in
The Premier League
Tarquins Cry
Scousers moan
They've got Masters on the phone
Stop those City cheats,
Charge those City cheats
Nail those City cheats
Those 115 City cheats
115 City cheats
City cheats
City cheats.
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