Creepy or unusual things that have happened to you.

Several years ago I was on a plane back from Malta and I was sat next to a smart lady in her mid thirties,

We exchanged some small talk, and she told me she was from Accrington, but lived in Malta as she had married a Maltese man who owned a sports shop on the island.

She was travelling back to England to attend her father's 70th birthday party that was being held in a large marquee in their garden.

By co-incidence I actually knew her dad who was a wealthy local businessman.

We arrived back in Manchester, said goodbye and I forgot all about her,

Nine months later I was flying back to Malta and was sat next to a lady in her late sixties, so we got chatting.

She explained that she was flying out to visit her daughter, who married a Maltese man who owned a sports shop...............

There were nearly 250 seats on the planes, what were the odds on that?
Pretty weird that. There’s a reason that happened.
Few years back, got hit in the Ealing car bomb that took a big chunk out of Ealing Broadway and one out of my shoulder.

Shared the ambulance ride with a guy who got his head nicked by flying debris.
Never met anyone since who'd been caught up in it. Except for one summer walking around a food festival, bumped into that same guy.
We recognised each other, said hi, how are you doing etc., then both realised it was the anniversary of the day it happened.
Slight breeze of uneasiness passed between us for a second as we both scanned for cars...
Pub about 15 years ago was laughing and joking about Ripping Yarns with my mate in a quiet corner while the pub quiz was on in the other bar.

We could hear the questions as they were linked via his microphone to the pub speakers.... we'd just by a second stopped talking about John Cheese having a cameo in the football episode when the quiz master asked the question "who had a cameo etc"
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Similar to your plane story, we decided to book last minute break to Cyprus in May 2013 from Manchester, got sat down on the plane and hear this booming voice coming down the plane "who's the poor bastard that's got me sat with them" see this absolutely huge bloke followed by his Mrs who sat row behind and yes he gets sat next to me, warns me he snores like mad and proceeds to take up half of my seat space with his overflow, the flight was horrendous, he was fast asleep after knocking back 5 lagers and a whisky chaser, he was so big I was literally jammed in my seat unable to move.

3 years later, going to Menorca in October from Leeds airport, getting sat down and I hear that voice again, me and the Mrs looked at each other and thought surely it can't be him but it bloody well was though, his Wife in tow who must always sit row behind him as she knows how bad it is to be sat with him, he ended up a row behind us and told the lass he was sat next to the entire same routine, couldn't believe it, different time of year, different Country, different airport.
I was playing catch with my lad in the sea in about knee high water. He knocked his glass of, we tried to find them but not luck. Anyway the now ex was giving us both grief for losing them.

At low tide about 5 hours later I decided to go for a walk with our dog. I walked a straight line towards the rocks about 1000 yards away. I just started to walk on the rocks when in a small rock pool I saw about a centimetre of thin blue something in the sand. I thought cant be ! Dug around this as it wouldnt pull out and it was my lads glasses ! Completely undamaged.
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Some time back, over several years I would check the time and it was always 1:11 or 11:11, other repeating numbers as well, 3:33 was a common one. This included waking up in the middle of the night and looking at the alarm clock. I did look online to try to find out if there was any meaning. It seems to be quite common, and as you can imagine every freak out there had a spiritual reasoning for it. All I can say is it happened far too often to be any kind of coincidence, and it no longer happens to me.

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