De Bruyne?

Interesting choice and as much as I would love to see Reus it is better looking for alternatives.
if his position is a winger, we should sign Sterling instead. we need fast pace wide player.
Does anyone know if he would count as homegrown? He was at Chelsea as a youth player but was loaned out almost the entire time so I'm not sure if that disqualifies him.
Wasn't good enough for Chelsea, so why would be be good enough for us?

If we need a quick, skilful winger we should go for Bale. He'd transform this club more than any player since Aguero or Yaya. Absolutely fucking quality the lad, totally different level to the likes of De Bruyne who's no better than Navas.
Jack Wills said:
Wasn't good enough for Chelsea, so why would be be good enough for us?
KDB is easily good enough for Chelsea. His only mistake was to pick a fight with Mourinho...
Do people watch games outside the PL? He's easily good enough for City.

He wasn't "good enough" for Chelsea because he was never given a proper chance. He played less than 180 minutes for them. He's been the 2nd best Bundesliga player in the League behind Robben and has Wolfsburg in 2nd place.

Anyway, I doubt he'll make the same mistake twice. Unless a big club has a starting spot ready for him he'll stay at Wolfsburg, since they're the richest club in that League behind Bayern.

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