De Bruyne?

Jack Wills said:
Wasn't good enough for Chelsea, so why would be be good enough for us?

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I'd see KDB as a good option because he can play on the left or in the middle and has a great cross. But he is not a world class player and that is the question - do we want to be signing exclusively world class players now or a mix of them and good players for the team with upside. Because KDB has upside - he isn't as good as Hazard and Isco but could become one of the better attacking midfielders in Europe with the right setting and guidance.

BTW only Fabregas in the PL has more assists than KDB in the Bundesliga. The Bundesliga is a more open and attacking league but it does show how well KDB is doing (ahead of any Bayern player on the charts) + he is providing for a pretty bad set of strikers (Ivica Olic, Bas Dost and Nicklas Bendtner).
I also wouldn't see the reasoning behind Wolfsburg selling what I can only assume be their record signing for only slightly more a season later.
If he was HG I could see some more sense but I don't think we should waste a non HG quota on a position which we don't need to fill unless we play him as an winger.
Matt the Giant said:
raymondkl92 said:
Definitely a better option that Navas. They should take Navas and 10 million.

You don't think Navas has a say on that?
Not to mention why would the rich Wolfsburg want to take that deal? Get rid of their best player, who is just 23 years old for an inferior 29 year old (notoriously finds it hard to settle, does not know the language) and plays in a different position? De Bruyne has been good this season, but is not world class and he is best down the middle, though can play out wide. Good player for a team like Liverpool/Tottenham/even Arsenal, but not good enough for City for anything more than a squad player.

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