Emma The City Fan - GAME OVER! (update in OP)

Re: Emma The City Fan

Lucky Toma said:
The thread is about Ricster's love for Emma. And how that love will never be recipricated because he made her miss the biggest goal in our recent history.

The rest of it is made up of grown men wetting themselves because someone very attractive posts on BlueMoon. Pffft I've been on here for over a year and no-ones so much as battered an eyelid!

tried googling lucky toma for pics but got no where you wanna pm me some so i know what im looking at ; )
Ric said:
Not that it's really relevant, but I've just realised I used to work with the Emma in question.

Better late than never Ric. Cheers. Lol.

I have just speed read this thread. Man, what did i do? Seriously, what the hell, haha.

Got to say some of those poems, re-reading them, are special.

I'll never forget where i was when Yaya scored, thats for sure.

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