Erling Haaland


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18 Aug 2020
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Man City
Could we use Delap and/or Palmer as loanee makeweights in the deal?
I asked this before and the general consensus was that Dortmund probably won’t be happy for us to take one of their players and make them then develop another of ours for nothing


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28 Aug 2005
Good question, but Pep said we have no (so much) money to spend....No 100 millions,No Haaland.... besides that we have the number 9 of Brazil... FFS

jesus sterling are not strikers or should i say score enough goals to say otherwise. forget delap being promoted to first team squad. i don't see the world best manager being happy with a young lad as our main striker. like i said if haaland becomes available city should be first in the que. forget not having the money we have the money. also like i said why risk haaland going to a rival that will make winning champions league even harder

i think aguero jumping the gun in revelling he is leaving in the summer was a way of putting the mark down for haaland. aguero will take the eye of many clubs because he is free agent and barcelona will take aguero in a flash
so we are taking one of the clubs that would bid of haaland out of the running

all the roads lead to manchester city with haaland it has to be his dream running out in the blue and white of manchester city. if we was haaland would we go to madrid instead of manchester city even if the money was a little better your dream club comes first

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