Etihad Campus, Stadium and Collar Site Development Thread


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26 May 2008
Have they put screens in the south corners now then or is it an in joke that we’ll have to wait 25 years for them?! Haha.



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22 Aug 2008
You are now conscious of your breathing.
It was designed in the 1990s, which is a long time ago now, and it’s looking its age!

The posters on the facade of the stadium look like a teenagers bedroom wall. I know they’re trying to mask the drab decor but it’s not a good look. Something much classier needs erecting around the ground.

The floor around the outside of the stadium is the worst part. When it rains, the amount of puddles and the size of those puddles is really poor for what is supposed to be one of the best run sports clubs in the world. Dog shit alley in Moss Side was easier to walk down than the slalom ski route you have to take to avoid all the puddles down the back of the East Stand at the Etihad. Especially now with the ridiculous queues because of the delayed entrance to the ground.

And Joe Mercer Way is slippery when it rains.

Also, still, after nearly 20 years of being there, anyone who leaves the stadium via Entrance K of the East Stand, still has to add about a mile onto their walk back to Town (either by going all the way around the stadium or walking all the way up to the bridge on ANR, due to the away fans’ coach park).

Metrolink also need to give the roof on the way to the steps at the Met stop a good clean. Have you ever looked up when stood under there? Fuck me, it’s filthy!

The upkeep of buildings, pavements and roads in this city as a whole is very very poor. Buildings get built, look great for a while, but then after a few years start to weather or get dirty and they just aren’t cleaned often or well enough. And once a few knob heads have thrown their chewing gum on the floor (they make the city look like it’s got small pox... if I was Andy Burnham I’d ban the sale of chewing gum in Greater Manchester) and UU or the Council have dug up part of the pavement or road outside them and put their standard woeful patchwork cover up over it; it only takes a decade and that once shiny new building with lovely footpaths looks like shit again!

The inside of the ground is quite nice. Outside the ground looks like it’s been forgotten about.
True. It's really bad that the main route into the city for most tourists is from Piccadilly Station to the Gardens. Horrible area.


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8 Dec 2008
What was it? Deleted now.
From memory I think I was talking about the ones they put up behind the goals on the first row, to show supporters watching on zoom. In the end I think the idea bothered me more than the screen itself during the match(es).

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