F1 Season 2020.


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16 Sep 2012
Sochi is a dull track.

It’s needs safety cars appearing at least 3 times to make it interesting.

It's so bad...

Flat, acres of tarmac runoff, nasty off camber mickey mouse corners, generally nondescript terrible layout and always a guaranteed Mercedes win.

It's so bad that I would put it in the same bracket as the Algeria vs England 2010 game or the Portugal vs Croatia Euro 2016 borefest.

First time I've caught part of this race in quite a few years and jesus it's as bad as I remember.
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14 Sep 2015
And yet you know Hamilton will still get in the top 3.
Mercedes drive around in a rocket ship and the rest are in boats. It's as dull as dishwater nowadays..

It's noticeable that more and more coverage is of lower places, and less often about the front. It's almost as though Sky are embarrassed by the rubbishness of the front, and even the lower places are horribly skewed by DRS.

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