Florian Wirtz

My hope is Bayern won’t want to fork over the 87 million. If this battle comes down to money maybe we have an edge over them. I’m just not going to get my hopes up here.
Don't worry, I'll get my hopes high enough for you, me and a few others :)
I think he's a quality player but it would all but put any hope of Phil playing as a 10 to rest. Wirtz just feels like a 'shiny new toy syndrome' to me.
Look, he is a better passer ( and I say that with all due respect to Phil) a far better passer of the ball. Phil will benefit tremendously playing ast the other 8 next to Wirtz
they already play together in the national team.... dont think wirtz would play one of the central roles though. they have problems defensively in regards to the midfield. this would only enhance those issues and mean that everyone playing now centrally would be out and the new "6" they want playing alongside wirtz.

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