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  1. Vialli98


    1 Jan 2015
    Team supported:
    You've encouraged me to give it another go. I tried it and fiddled about with it for about a month (not daily gameplay, a couple of times a week-ish). I got quickly bored with the extreme slow paced story.
  2. willipp


    13 May 2011
    Never tried the franchise mode, always just hammered the road to the show. Loved the detail of the ball parks and as frustrating as it was at times it was a brilliant game. Probably about the 2017 version last time I played it.
  3. Vicious111


    18 Jan 2012
    Strategy Games:
    1. Civilization series (2 onwards)
    2. Total War series (Rome II & Warhammer)
    3. Command & Conquer Red Alert 2
    4. Age of Empires
    5. Stellaris
    6. Company of Heroes

    Role Playing Games:
    1. Witcher 3
    2. Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic 2
    3. World of Warcraft (original to 3rd DLC)
    4. Morrowind/Skyrim
    5. Dragon age: Origins
    6. Summoner (PS2)
    7. Jade Empire (Xbox)

    First Person Shooters:

    1. Battlefield 2
    2. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 1 & 2
    3. Halo
    4. Call of Duty (original)
    5. Ace Combat 3
    6. Freelancer
    7. Goldeneye (N64)


    1. Football Manager 2014
    2. Frostpunk
    3. Theme Hospital (PS1)
    4. Worms
    5. Anno 1404
    6. Zeus Master of Olympus

    Steam: viciousscotsman
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  4. BimboBob


    7 Jul 2008
    Listen, Can you smell something?
    Sam and Max.
    Sensible Soccer.
    Cannon Fodder.
    Championship Manager 01/02 (still playing as it gets updated every 6 months)
    Duke Nukem.
    All the GTA's.
    Battlefield 1942/ 1/ 5
    Red Dead 1 and 2.
    Operation Zero.
    Rocket League.
    Witcher 3.
    Rome Total War.
    L4D1 and 2.
    Far Cry 5.

    To be honest there's probably hundreds of games I've missed out. Been playing PC games online since around 1999/ 2000 in some form or another.

    Before that I had an Amiga(500, 600 and 1200) plus way back in the depths of time a Dragon 32, zx81 and a C64. Never had a spectrum.

    Also had a playstation since number 1.

    Still got an Amiga 1200, my old Dragon plus every playstation.

    Helps if you have your own room!
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  5. Gaudion M

    Gaudion M

    5 Sep 2014
    From the tech you mention i assume that you are in your 40's - late 40's even. And then the last line, how would you not have your own room in your 40's? do you mean like a man cave or do you still live with your mum and dad but your siblings have moved out?
  6. BimboBob


    7 Jul 2008
    Listen, Can you smell something?
    Early 50's.

    Own room as in...gaming/ record room that the missus is banned from.
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  7. crooky


    16 Sep 2012
    Interesting reading through people's lists and seeing games that aren't on the usual what I call 'nerd lists' that you normally see on games websites, Reddit etc.
  8. crooky


    16 Sep 2012
    From what I've played no. The start is so, so boring. The going is slow and the endless chatter whilst riding from place by horseback just zoned me out. Everything just takes ages to do as well from simple things like moving your character about, to having to ride annoyingly long distances between missions.

    I did one combat mission and had a body count of people that would rival some battles. The AI were just fodder. I was hoping for a tense affair between about half a dozen enemies in the style of a Western style shootout but it was more of a massacre.

    Would've sold it within a few days if I'd have bought it physically but I bought it digitally...

    I'll go back to it one day but I certainly won't be replaying those first few hours.
  9. kippaxwarrior


    3 Jun 2009
    It's not where your from, it's where your at
    That's the biggest complaint most people have with the game that it's too slow and everything to do with movement is very deliberate but I love that about this game.

    Rockstar made this game where you absolutely take your time with it. I love the conversation you have with your gang members and other characters as it's actually telling you a story which very few games do now. The level of detail is astonishing and there's nothing better for me than to do a couple of main missions then just ride around the map just doing a bit of fishing or hunting or just bumping into strangers and hearing their stories. Played it on Sunday for 5 hours and did only one main mission!

    I get it's not for everyone but as a mature gamer(I'm 44) it's almost perfect for me just to relax and take my time with it

    If you just try to rush it or just skip the cut scenes or dialogue then your going to miss most of the game
  10. Blue Maverick

    Blue Maverick

    6 Aug 2010
    My tastes over the years has changed though the one constant has been world of Warcraft I’ve sunk so many hours into it, although nowhere near what some people do. I always like to think I want o play the latest COD or battlefield but then I get on and I’m shit, reactions etc are crap, with 6 year olds beating me so I just get frustrated and bin it. This latest craze for last man standing is shit, I run round for 20 mins see no one then get shot. Things like Red Dead, Skyrim, Fallout etc are appealing but for me you have to play every day or forget what you’ve done and have to start again.
    My first PC was a Dragon 32 with Chucky Egg but I loved playing on my mates Speccy 48, Manic Miner and jet set willy, then it was consoles SNES, Megadrive, N64, Xobix 360, PS3, PS4, Chuck in an Amiga 500 with speedball2, currently only using my PC for Warcraft now but I’ll no doubt get a next gen PS5 as I can use the 4k disc drive as well.
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