Holding my nerves

I suspect that in two weeks this thread will look a bit daft.

As it stands:
Walker, Lewis, Stones, Dias, Akanji, Laporte.
KDB, Bernardo, Rodri, Phillips, Foden, Kovacic, Grealish, Palmer, Doyle, Bobb, McAtee.
Haaland, Alvarez.

Probably the world's best squad in the world, with a month of the transfer window to go, and on the back of the most successful season in world football.
And Ake, Mahrez.
This forum brings out some strange posts. How is anybody nervous ffs? This club has hardly put a foot wrong in nearly 15 years. Yes that could end tomorrow but… oh well? We’ve just won a treble. I think I could live with a season where we don’t cast all asunder and sweep every competition.

As long as we don’t go back down to League One, I reckon I’ll just continue to turn up each week and enjoy watching the greatest football that this club (and possibly the whole of Europe) has ever seen. Some people apparently don’t know how to actually enjoy a sport they spend most of their life watching.
Achieved all they can? The treble isn’t as big a deal as it’s made out to be, I’ve never known why United got all the fuss they did when they won the treble in 1999 nor us now. Liverpool’s European Cup, First Division and League Cup treble from 1983-84 is just as impressive and nobody mentions that.

Is it a great achievement? Of course, but in this country it’s not a clean sweep as we also have the EFL Cup so there is the Quadruple to aim for. I also think winning three league titles in a row is bigger than three trophies in a month because the latter can be just a great run of form whereas the former means you’ve been the best for years on the trot. So four league titles in a row will be much bigger than the treble. And then there’s back-to-back Champions Leagues as well as adding things like the Super Cup and World Club Cup.

I think any player who’s still ‘got it’ would be daft to want to leave us now. That’s why Laporte was sat on the floor crying after the final game at the Etihad.

So much more this team can still achieve:

- 4 league titles in a row (never been done in England)
- Champions League back to back
- Unbeaten season
- Quadruple
- Super Cup
- Club World Cup
The danger is a repeat of this. We reached the summit of being premier league winners for the first time. Mancini wanted De Rossi and Cavani. From a position of maximum strength we have seen Bellingham and Rice have slipped through the net. Not sure it will happen here, but will Pep be bothered about the landscape after two years. We could be left with an ageing squad and experience a similar fate as Utd, post Ferguson.
I doubt Bellingham and Rice slipped through the net.
Bellingham - think he wanted Madrid more. Hope he enjoys his 2 week honeymoon period, if he starts badly he has an uphill task
Rice - I guess we had our "ceiling" and I'm thankful we did.
We won't make the mistake of filling out the squad for the sake of it again
Trying hard to hold my nerves, but I think some of our older players might be thinking they have achieved all they can with City. Gundogan has left already, Walker, Mahrez, Bernado, Laporte, Cancelo also seem unsettled, if they all go I can’t see how we can establish new signings in the summer to settle in. Kovacic is an experienced Premier League player, but I hope we can keep Silva and Walker, at least until any new signings settle in.
How many of those were guaranteed starters? Even Walker, who I'd hate to see leave, was left out in Istanbul, the biggest game of the season. That only leaves Bernardo, which would be a blow if he were to leave.

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