Hospitality/box experience at City

Impeccable One

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4 Aug 2010
St. Cloud, FL USA
In reply to the OP, I think you need to identify what’s most important to you;
- being made to feel special
- quality of food
- quality and view from seat
- interaction with past players
- possible interaction with current players
- cost
- atmosphere with others attending hospitality

The quality of opposition directly, and significantly, impacts the cost of each hospitality facility.

For me I’d take a Citizens experience v Liverpool over one of the higher end options v Sheffield.

Putting these in your order of importance will point you in the direction of the most appropriate hospitality experience. They all have their place, but some of them can get ridiculously expensive for what is a game of football, viewed from a nice seat, with ok/good/excellent food.


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9 Aug 2008
Bit like this then?!!

Berts Neck

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2 Jan 2014
FWIW..took my kids and nephews for a Corporate visit as a birthday treat for my youngest. Contacted the club and told them we had booked and my absolute hero was Colin Bell. I expressed my love for the King and if he could say hello, it would be a perfect day. Had the meal, Brightwell and Edgehill came and had a chat, about to go out to the match, had given up hope and literally five minutes before KO Colin Bell comes to our table. Everyone was staring. I had tears in my eyes, didnt know what to say, and he was a quiet chap too. Signed my book and off he went. For me, one of the best days of my life. A great experience, and if you have a legend hero, may be worth asking if they will come to see you too.


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5 Sep 2017
I have not been in since the revamp, but I really enjoyed the Legends lounge, a bottle of red helped of course.
Agreed, been a while for me, sure Fulham beat us 2-1. On a positive note my 2 boys got to chat and have their photo with the late great Colin Bell

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